Indo-Pacific Region: marine biogeochemistry, biodiversity, sustainability study group (IMBeR IPR)


       Determine material fluxes in the sea areas across the IPR between the Pacific and the Indian

       Observe marine biodiversity in the sea areas across the IPR

       Understand the multi-spheres (Atmosphere-Hydrosphere-Biosphere-Lithosphere) interactions in the IPR in terms of future climate changes

       Enlarge oceans’ contribution to the people for the sustainable growth by employing scientific research activities

Area of Study

Work Program (2022-2032)

       Share the scientific research plans

       Facilitate collaborate research among members

       Synthesis for current scientific understanding of the common interests

       Develop capacity building sessions for the IPR region

Latest News

Thematic session at the IMBeR West Pacific Symposium (22-25 Nov. 2021, Online)

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Trace metals and nutrient study in IPR

Zhang Jing, Thamasak Yeemin, R. John Morrison, and Gi Hoon Hong, eds. 2022. Coral Reefs of the Western Pacific Ocean in a Changing Anthropocene. Vol. 14. Coral Reefs of the World. Cham: Springer International Publishing.


Shan Jiang

East China Normal University

Aazani binti Mujahid

University Malaysia Sarawak

Deo Florence L. Onda

University of the Philippines

Romanus Edy Prabowo

Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

Fan Wang

Institute of Oceanology, CAS

Jing Zhang

Shanghai Jiao Tong University / East China Normal University