IMBeR Eutrophication Study Group

Duration: 2022-2025

The group reviews

     1)  The diversity of eutrophication and the response of marine ecosystem 

on eutrophication

     2)  Nutrient reduction policy and its effects in different countries

     3)  How to consider climate-driven effects on nutrient reduction policy?

     4)  What is our expectation on after-eutrophication?

The group convenes

     1)  Online meetings in November 2022 and November 2023

     2)  A Synthesis meeting in November 2024 (in conjunction with or as a part of IMBeR Open Science Conference)

The group delivers

     1)  Collaboration and publishing scientific synthesis papers

     2)  Contribution to the IMBeR Grand Challenge 1 (Eutrophication pathways descried for coastal seas around the world)

     3)  A future scientific research plan for 2025-2035

Contact Us

For any query concerning membership or partnership, please do not hesitate to contact the IMBeR IPO-China (


IOC-UNESCO. 2022. State of the Ocean Report, pilot edition. Paris, IOC-UNESCO. [IOC Technical Series, 173]

Previous Meetings

Kick-off Meeting of the IMBeR Eutrophication Study Group

Second IMBeR Eutrophication Study Group Video Meeting on Dec. 21

Third IMBeR Eutrophication Study Group Video Meeting on Jan. 20

Fourth IMBeR Eutrophication Study Group Meeting Held on Mar. 23

Next Meetings

Fifth IMBeR Eutrophication Study Gruop Video Meeting on April/May 

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Dongyan Liu


Peter Thompson



Jacob Carstensen

Aarhus Univ.

Bingzhang Chen

Univ. of Strathclyde

James Cloern


Masahiko Fujii

Hokkaido Univ.

Ricardo Giesecke

Universidad Austral 

de Chile

Noreen E. Kelly

Fisheries and Oceans 


Kun Lei


Keqiang Li

Ocean Univ. of China



Univ. of Plymouth

Alice Newton

Univ. of Algarve 

Hans Paerl


Tae Gyu Park

NIFS, South Korea

Diana Ruiz Pino

LOCEAN Laboratory, 

Sorbonne Université

Ed Sherwood

Tampa Bay Estuary 


Juying Wang

National Marine 

Environmental Monitoring Center, China

Adding more members 

to our group soon!