IMBeR Young Scholar (IYS) Program

     ●  Who can apply: Senior, post-graduate students, and early career researchers in Asia and Africa who lack research resources

      ●  How to apply: Any interested individual should submit a one-page application to the IPO-China Office.

      ●  Application form


Form ISY-1

IMBeR Young Scholar Program Application Form

Personal information of the applicant

1.      1.  Name

2.      2.  Affiliation

3.      3.  Postal address / e-mail

4.      4.  Mug shot photo

Research Proposal

1.      1.  Title

2.      2.  Hypothesis

3.      3.  Methods to address the proposed hypothesis

4.      4.  Materials to use for the proposed research

5.      5.  Needs to access the advanced laboratory (specific instruments, mentoring on the execution of the experiment and thesis writing, etc.)

Submit to IMBeR IPO-China (imber(at)

Process time: IPO-China Office evaluates the application and return comments to the applicant within 14 working days. If the application deems merit, IPO-China seeks a suitable advanced laboratory to provide a mentoring service to the applicant.