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Satellite remote sensing is an important window to gain insights into the ocean


Provides diverse Earth observation data


With the scientific objective to expand the application of remote sensing data


How are international joint capacity-developing activities carried out?


How can scientific investigation and regional development go hand in hand?


How to foster new potential for collaboration?

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Those untold behind-the-scenes stories


The capacity-developing project titled "Expanding EO data usage to address climatic changes in the marine biosphere of the northwest Pacific and Indo-Pacific regional seas" (EO-WPI), led by Professor Fang Shen, State Key Laboratory of Estuarine and Coastal Research (SKLEC) of East China Normal University, was successfully concluded at the end of March 2024. The project established one-to-one Mentor-Mentee relationships between experts on remote sensing data and Southeast Asian participants, and organized workshops in Indonesia to assist participants without remote sensing backgrounds in generating collaborative datasets and conducting scientific research for their respective research areas and topics.

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Earth Observation Data, International Joint Workshop, One-to-One Mentor-Mentee Relationship

>> Episode 1: Workshop Organizers <<

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Prof. Fang Shen


Hoping that this project serves as a bridge to promote the use of satellite data in studying the marine biosphere in the Indo-Pacific region, integrating it with on-site observations to address local concerns, including fisheries and economic livelihoods.

Dr. A' an Johan Wahyudi


This offline activity was a promising start. Hoping that platforms and projects promoting interdisciplinary collaboration could receive continuous support and be consistently organized.

Prof. GiHoon Hong


Achieving critical progress in regional processes requires a global perspective. Likewise, profound insights into global changes cannot be obtained without robust data evidence in regional processes. The IMBeR International Project Office is steadfast in its commitment to promoting the ongoing convergence of these two directions.

>> Episode 2: Workshop Sponsors <<

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Dr. Young-Je Park


It's not easy for everyone to be familiar with satellites. With numerous data sources available, such as the real-time marine environment information from GOCI and GOCI-Ⅱ, this workshop provides information on what kind of data you can use.

Dr. Eko Siswanto


This workshop is unique because it has a clear target of preparing the paper publication, especially encouraging young scientists to write a paper. We have a commitment and responsibility to promote collaboration, with the main purpose of improving the research capacity in this region.

>> Episode 3: Workshop Participants <<

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Ms. Jahannah Victoria M. Calpito


This workshop is more interactive in terms of communication, which provides opportunities for the Philippines’ scientists, to collaborate not only with our Asian neighbors but also with other international collaborators. There is a need for us to adopt practice and advance methods, and help explain the variabilities of local regions.

Ms. Evonne Tan


Scientific papers are one of the requirements for us. Through the data analysis and presentation preparation, I was shocked by the efficient mentoring experience. It was just like the second day, I started drafting my scientific paper. It was pretty interesting to explain the stories behind the fluctuations of long-term observations.

Dr. Madihah Binti Jafar Sidik


I really enjoyed this face-to-face workshop, I know more scientists have similar expertise to me. I can share my data and knowledge with scientists from other neighboring countries, and talk more about my expertise. This kind of workshop enriches my networking, and I appreciate the Mentor-Mentee relationship.

A.P. Alexander M. A. Khan


This workshop is beyond our expectations. We can share our passion in teaching students, and extend our collaborative activities in the future, not only in academic activities but also in terms of culture. For example, the collaborative research sampling.


This project brings together experts from eight research institutions in five countries


Participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore


Enhancing the application of Earth observation data


Establishing cooperation networks of interdisciplinary scholars


Fostering new momentum in international cooperation


We will also continue to promote


The understanding of satellite remote sensing by the general public and decision-makers


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