IMBeR IPO-China Held the First Internship Regular Meeting in 2023

Author:秦恺 Date:2023-01-10 Hits:55

IMBeR IPO-China held an online internship meeting on January 5, 2023 to deepen feedback and communication with interns, and facilitate the cultivation of talents with a global vision. Participants of this online meeting included Fang Zuo (IMBeR DEO), Kai Qin (IMBeR EA), Shifang Meng (Secretary for Foreign Affairs, the Institute of Eco-Chongming) and five interns (Ao Shen, Wei Jiang, Qing Lyu, Qianmeng Qi and Kun Xiong). Kai reviewed the recent tasks of the office, and gave interns feedback one by one in terms of their performance, offering them advice according to their existing problems. Shifang provided the interns with guidance on translation, and proposed work standards to calibrate interns’ work. At last, Fang shared with interns her recent experience in attending the UN Regular Process workshop (in support of the third World Oceans Assessment) in Indonesia. She hoped that by participating in the daily operation of IMBeR IPO-China, interns could broaden their horizons, and effectively enhance their academic abilities and their employment competitiveness.