Thinking Beyond the Dissertation: Iron Biogeochemistry in the Eastern Indian Ocean

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2024117日,IMBeR国际项目办公室(IPO-China)第五次IMBeR Coffee Reception活动在华东师范大学河口海岸大楼教工之家举办。本次活动特邀印度尼西亚国家研究与创新署(BRIN)海洋研究中心的Idha Yulia Ikhsani博士,带来题为“Iron biogeochemistry in the Eastern Indian Ocean”的精彩报告,线上线下同频交流,点燃了思想的火花。

报告中,Idha Yulia Ikhsani博士介绍了铁元素在海洋生态系统和海洋初级生产力中的重要作用,同时,她详细阐述了东印度洋海水样本采集、样本处理和溶解铁(dFe)测定方面的研究方法。通过丰富的观测资料,Idha展示了东印度洋的水文特性,揭示了该研究区域温度、盐度以及溶解氧含量的分布特征,系统分析了海洋中不同生物地球化学过程对铁元素空间分布的影响。Idha指出,东印度洋溶解铁的空间分布特征同时受到大气沉降、垂向扩散、沉积物再悬浮及陆源性输入等过程的共同影响,研究东印度洋溶解铁元素的空间分布规律对深入探究东印度洋浮游植物生长特征、海洋碳--磷循环具有重要意义。



Thinking Beyond the Dissertation: Iron Biogeochemistry in the Eastern Indian Ocean

On January 17, 2024, the IMBeR International Project Office (IPO-China) hosted the fifth IMBeR Coffee Reception at the Faculty Lounge of the SKLEC building, ECNU. The event showcased a captivating presentation by Dr. Idha Yulia Ikhsani, a researcher from the Research Center for Oceanography, National Research and Innovation Agency, Indonesia, who delivered an intriguing talk titled "Iron Biogeochemistry in the Eastern Indian Ocean," bridging the gap between online and offline participants and sparking intellectual curiosity among participants once again.

During the presentation, Dr. Idha Yulia Ikhsani elucidated the critical role of iron in marine ecosystems, emphasizing its impact on primary productivity. She provided detailed insights into the methods for seawater sample collection, sample processing, and the determination of dissolved iron (dFe) in the Eastern Indian Ocean. Through a substantial amount of observational data, Idha showcased the hydrological characteristics of the Eastern Indian Ocean, revealing the spatial distributions of temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen in the study area. Additionally, she delved into the impact of biogeochemical processes in the ocean on the spatial distribution of iron. Idha highlighted that the spatial distribution of dissolved iron in the Eastern Indian Ocean is influenced by various processes, including atmospheric deposition, vertical diffusion, sediment resuspension, and terrestrial inputs. This study holds significant importance for further exploring the phytoplankton growth and understanding the marine carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles.

Following the presentation, Idha engaged enthusiastically with faculty and students, fostering a lively and inspiring exchange on research methods and the handling of observational data. Having previously visited the SKLEC for academic exchange two months ago, Idha established a strong connection with the faculty and students, making this academic salon a virtual continuation of those interactions. Building on the success of this event, the IMBeR IPO-China plans to periodically invite scholars and partners, both domestic and international, for online sharing sessions, continuously enriching the content and format of our future events. Stay tuned for the next exciting activity!

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