IMBeR OC-PC Study Group Brief Overview on Ocean Color Sensors and Their Data Access Released

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IMBeR Ocean Color-based Plant species identification and Carbon flux in the Indo-Pacific oceans (OC-PC) Study Group has released the manual Ocean Color Sensors and Their Data Access: A Brief Overview on July 2022. This manual can be downloaded from: or IMBeR OC-PC Study Group (no login needed).

The manual presents a summary of the ocean color sensors and their data access. It aims to provide a starting material for early career researchers (ECRs) and a wider audience who are not ocean color specialists. It will be updated as new sensors or new products become available.

IMBeR OC-PC Study Group cochaired by Prof. Young-Je Park and Prof. Fang Shen consists of experts from seven institutions in five countries. Its work program (2022-2032) contains: 

1. Algorithms development to identify marine plant species and quantify carbon fluxes mediated by marine biosphere. 

2. Ocean color synthesis for the East Indian and the West Pacific Ocean. 

3. Capacity development for the ECR in the Indo-Pacific regions

More information for the group can be found here

IMBeR OC-PC 工作组发布《海洋水色遥感传感器及其数据访问》手册

       20227月,IMBeR“印太海域基于水色遥感的植物物种识别与碳通量工作组(OC-PC)发布了《海洋水色遥感传感器及其数据访问》手册。本手册可于下述网站下载:www.imber.infoIMBeR OC-PC工作组(无需登录)


       IMBeR OC-PC研究工作组由Young-Je Park教授沈芳教授担任共同主席,组内专家来自五个国家的七个研究机构。该研究组的工作计划(2022-2032)包括:



3. 服务印太地区早期职业研究人员的能力发展。