Informal Online Meeting between BRIN and SKLEC under the IMBeR IPR

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On 12th May 2022, initiated by A’an Johan Wahyudi and Jing Zhang (IMBeR National Contacts for Indonesia and China, respectively), an exploratory meeting between the BRIN biogeochemistry team and the SKLEC marine chemistry team was held online. On behalf of the host, IMBeR International Project Office – China (IPO-China), GiHoon Hong (IMBeR Strategy Director) welcomed all participants and emphasized the significance of collaborative scientific research among the IPR (Indo-Pacific Region) regional scientists. He also assured participants that the IPO-China provides necessary administrative support. Participants introduced their research interests, explored potential collaborative research, and discussed the BRIN upcoming research cruise about sampling strategies for seawater and sediments. Two sides agreed to hold an online workshop on research of the Central Indo-Pacific this June or July as a follow-up activity to this exploratory meeting. Both sides agreed to invite relevant early career researchers to the workshop.

IMBeR IPR (Indo-Pacific Region: marine biogeochemistry, biodiversity, sustainability) study group was originated by regional research scientists, as a fruit of the 2021 IMBeR West Pacific Symposium. The webpage is under construction, and please contact the IMBeR IPO-China (imber(at) for any query concerning membership or partnership.

Group Photo · 参会人员合影

      2022年5月12日,河口海岸学国家重点实验室海洋化学团队与印度尼西亚国家研究与创新署(BRIN)生物地球化学团队举行线上非正式交流会。本次会议由 IMBeR 中国国家联络人张经教授和 IMBeR 印度尼西亚国家联络人 A’an Johan Wahyudi 研究员在 IMBeR IPR(印太交汇区海洋生物地球化学、生物多样性与可持续)工作组框架下共同发起,由 IMBeR 国际项目办公室(中国)协调举办。会上,IMBeR 战略主任 GiHoon Hong 致欢迎词,强调了印太交汇区的独特性和该区域科学家开展研究合作的重要意义,同时承诺 IMBeR 国际项目办公室(中国)将提供必要的组织协调支持。与会者介绍了各自的研究兴趣,探讨了潜在的合作研究,并围绕 BRIN 即将进行的科研航次就海水与沉积物采样等议题展开了讨论。后续,双方同意在今年6月至7月期间举行关于印度洋-太平洋中部地区研究的线上研讨会,并将邀请相关领域的青年学者参会。

  IMBeR IPR 工作组由该地区的科学家倡议并发起,是 IMBeR 西太平洋学术研讨会的重要产出之一。工作组的相关网页正在建设中,欢迎联系 IMBeR 国际项目办公室 (imber(at) 加入工作组或开展合作。