Malaysia Young researcher Jenny Choo Cheng Yi was invited to participate South and Southeast Asian Young Talents China’s Trip

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马来西亚青年学者 Jenny Choo Cheng Yi


Jenny’s share about the trip:

I am honoured and humbled for the opportunity to attend the South and Southeast Asian Young Talents China STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) trip, which was held from 12th August until 19th August, 2023. This trip was carried out in Shanghai and Kunming, and has brought together delegates from various South and Southeast Asian countries, such as Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia.

As a representative from Malaysia, this trip has given me a valuable chance to exchange academic knowledge with various institutions in China. It is inspiring to learn and understand the research achievements from Tonji University and Fudan University from this visit, which hope to foster academic collaborations in the near future. We have also visited several laboratories, such as:

·      - State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse, Tongji University, Shanghai.

·      - State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers, Fudan University, Shanghai

Figure 1: A visit to the State Key Laboratory for Pollution Control and Resource Reuse (a), and facilities available in the laboratory (b).

Figure 2: A visit to the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers, Fudan University (a), and exhibit of materials in the exhibition space (b).

The trip in Shanghai also included the visit to (i) Shanghai International AI Tower and (ii) InnoSpace for an exchange of technical and facilities information.

Figure 3: Sharing of scientific and technological achievements by various companies in Shanghai International AI Tower.

Figure 4: A tour in the InnoSpace exhibition space.

The organisers have also kindly arranged a cultural exchange on Shanghai city by visiting the (i) Shanghai Tower and (ii) The Bund.

The trip to Kunming involved the 2-day participation on the 4th Forum on China-South Asia Technology Transfer and Collaborative Innovation. It was exciting to learn about the various research projects from numerous institutes and companies, and ultimately to promote the collaborative efforts between China and South Asia countries in the realm of technological advancement of the respective countries.

Figure 9: A group picture with the STI trip members.

Figure 10: A group picture with the representatives from Malaysia for the STI trip.

Figure 11: Final day of the forum particpation in Kunming.

Following that, I am grateful to be given the chance to visit the (i) Yunnan Observatory and (ii) Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The trip to Yunnan Observatory was very inspiring as I visited the various telescope stations used for astronomy research and public science and education purposes. In addition to that, the visit to the Kunming Institute of Botany was a memorable one, as I got to explore and learn about the various plant biodiversity in the botanical garden and greenhouse area. The last agenda for the STI trip is the visit to the 7th China-South Asia Expo. It was awe-inspiring to explore the various latest technological tools available in the market, which hopefully can be applied in my research area in the future.

Lastly, I wish to warmly express my utmost gratitude to the Ministry of Science and Technology Department, of the People’s Republic of China, Yunnan Province Science and Technology Department, Yunnan Academy of Scientific and Technical Information, Shanghai Science and Technology Exchange Centre, China-South Asia Technology Transfer Centre, and China-ASEAN Innovation Centre, for organizing this memorable trip. I hope this trip will be extended to many more years to come, with the aim to promote continuous relationship and collaboration efforts between China and South East Asia countries.

Thank you.

Figure 12: A group picture in front of the 40 m telescope in Yunnan Observatory.

Figure 13: A group picture in front of the Greenhouse in Kunming Institute of Botany.

Figure 14: A compilation of pictures on various plant species available in the Kunming Institute of Botany.

Figure 15: A collage of several machines presented in the expo.